Garlynn Woodsong, Strategic Partner

A geographer, urban planner, and real estate developer, Garlynn has spent his career evaluating cities and regions from multiple perspectives. With 8 years at the regional metropolitan planning organization MTC, and 5+ years with regional planning industry leader, Calthorpe Associates, he spearheaded development of new computer software enabling urban planners to create more livable communities.

His focus has been on planning for walkable, bikeable, transit-served neighborhoods, and transforming central areas of cities into vibrant places for abundant future growth that minimizes greenhouse gas emissions. His work and experience ranges from transit-oriented development, bicycle transportation planning, regional transportation policy and funding, to the use of GIS technology (including open source scenario planning tools).

Garynn has also developed groundbreaking "missing middle" housing projects in Portland. He renovated and expanded two historic Portland homes into 4-unit condo buildings - a first for the City. These projects serve as models for neighborhood-scaled, multi-unit, ownership housing - a product type that is desperately needed in fast growing Western cities.