Sonya Bastendorff, Strategic Partner

Sonya has worked as a graphic designer, technical writer and editor for over 15 years. She specializes in urban and regional planning outreach and communication materials, including final plans and other public engagement documents, supplemental graphics, websites, and branding. Sonya works with planners, city government staff, community outreach leaders, and business owners to translate complex, multifaceted subjects into digestible, key messages and concepts through detailed content development and visual design. Sonya’s most recent projects include lead designer for numerous comprehensive and regional plan updates around the country, various public engagement materials for city and regional jurisdictions, and branding efforts for several local businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Sonya's work relies on being an active and engaged participant with her clients—asking questions, listening and pursuing her own personal understanding of the subject matter. This approach satisfies her own curiosity and supports her ability to communicate effectively with the target audience.