Our team is ready to guide projects from concept to reality. Our services range from strategic planning and conceptual planning through development. We provide the design, financial and engagement skills to ensure success. Our strength is being able to provide both sophisticated analysis and a compelling, visual story that brings concepts to life.

Cascadia Partners is a certified Emerging Small Business (ESB).

Planning and Design, At All Scales

We work at any scale.  Our projects include redevelopment plans for entire districts like transit stations and downtowns, street and public realm urban designs, management of public-private partnership developments, and detailed site plans and pro forma analysis for individual sites. Our past clients include public agencies of all types, such as cities, counties and redevelopment agencies, as well as private landowners.

Scenario Planning Expertise

We have decades of experience helping public agencies make strategic decisions rooted in sound data analysis, modeling and design.  Our partners are national pioneers in regional growth modeling and GIS-based analysis, including as software developers for the two most widely used scenario modeling platforms: Envision Tomorrow and Urban Footprint