Alex Joyce, Managing Partner

Alex has over a decade of experience managing complex strategic plans, urban designs and development finance projects across the United States. This includes managing public-private development offerings, urban designs for corridors, districts and transit stations, and financial analysis of zoning standards and development incentive programs. Alex's most recent work includes leading development feasibility analyses, site planning and due diligence for several public agencies interested in catalytic, public-private partnership development projects.

Alex's passion and expertise in design and finance are the driving forces in his work. His approach is rooted in the philosophy that a successful project needs both the vision to inspire excitement and buy-in, but also the pragmatic, financial strategy to actually get built.

Alex has Master's Degrees in both Urban Planning and Design, and Commercial Real Estate Development. He is AICP certified by the American Planning Association and a member of the Urban Land Institute. Alex is active in Portland civic life and enjoys spending time in the Cascade mountains hiking and snowboarding.