Sachi Arakawa, Associate

Sachi is a geographer and GIS analyst with a background in urban and regional planning. She works at the intersection of data analytics and community development. She has done planning work in both the public and private sectors, and for the last two years has worked in Community Geography at the Institute for Metropolitan Studies, building partnerships between community groups and researchers/data analysts in the Portland Metro area. She is a strong believer in the concept of 'ground truth', and the combined approach of utilizing community knowledge and wisdom alongside quantitative analysis for a more nuanced understanding of complex issues. Sachi is a founding organizer of the Mapping Action Collective, a data-visualization, mapping, and data analysis collective that uses GIS to support grassroots organizations and individuals working towards social justice and community resilience.

Besides her curiosity for all things spatial, Sachi likes exploring the Cascade and Coast Ranges, lifting weights at her neighborhood gym, playing video games, and spending time at home with her too many pets.