Cascadia Partners
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Our collaborative and individual work accomplishments.


Development Feasibility Analysis

Past Clients: Salt Lake City UT, Portland OR, Austin TX, Bend OR, Fresno CA, and private land owners

Role: Model development options using pro forma tools, test zoning standards for financial feasibility and recommend new market-feasible development standards, analyze impact of development incentive and affordable housing programs, implementation strategies. 

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Public-Private Partnerships

Past Clients: Multnomah County OR, Bend OR, East Baton Rouge Redevelopment Agency LA, and private land owners

Role: Preliminary site design, financial analysis, zoning/entitlement analysis, negotiations, manage public offering and negotiations, development marketing.

Planning, Design + Engagement

Past Clients: Dozens of cities, counties, agencies and private land owners

Role: Planning from concept to development, urban design, streetscape design, public and stakeholder engagement, graphic design, logos, branding.