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Our collaborative and individual work accomplishments.

Development Feasibility + Transit-Readiness Analysis

San Antonio TX | 2017

Project: VIA, the San Antonio transit agency, wanted a tool to evaluate and compare routes and station locations that would increase ridership and leverage Transit-Oriented Development investments.  

Role: Develop a GIS-based "Location Efficiency Tool" to create a regional ranking system for transit corridors and station areas. This tool measures and compares key indicators that influence transit ridership and transit-oriented development, such as walkability, land use patterns, demographics, and market strength. 

Development Feasibility Analysis + Site Design

Walnut Park Feasibility Analysis
Multnomah County, OR | 2017-2018

Project: Multnomah County has long owned a full-block, signature corner property in rapidly changing North Portland.  The buildings are new beyond their useful life and the County wants a strategy for a dynamic, catalytic redevelopment project. 

Role: Cascadia Partners led a site planning and feasibility analysis for the entire block. The dynamic $65-million concept included a major food and music "market hall," mixed-income housing and County services. In 2018, Cascadia Partners was again hired to complete a more detailed, second phase of feasibility analysis to tee the site up for a public-private partnership development process.

Master Planning + Design

Gunnison Rising Master Plan
Gunnison, CO | 2018

Project: A major update to the 550-acre Gunnison Rising Master Plan that embraces walkability, outdoor amenities, local entrepreneurs, and missing middle housing types to create a resilient, desirable and market-feasible new sector of the city. 

Role: Cascadia Partners is leading a team of designers, economists, engineers and development partners to create a world-class Master Plan.

Zoning + Housing Policy Analysis

Bend Development Incentives
Bend, OR | 2017

Project: As the fastest growing city in the West, Bend is facing housing shortages and an affordability crisis.  City leadership has prioritized zoning changes and affordability policies that will incentivize the production of workforce housing. 

Role: Cascadia Partners performed a detailed analysis of zoning changes and incentive programs that could entice the private market to build workforce housing, such as Tax Abatements and SDC Financing Programs. 

  • Zoning code “audit”

  • Development incentives analysis

  • Affordable housing policy analysis

Development Offering + Public-Private Partnership

Baton Rouge, LA | 2016

Project: The East Baton Rouge Redevelopment Authority (EBBRA) wanted to leverage their 6.1-acre Entergy Site into a catalytic development that would help reinvigorate the Mid City neighborhood in Baton Rouge LA.  Alex and John managed a development offering process that secured a development partner who is building a $30+ million-dollar mixed-use project, which will include a signature jazz club, micro-grocer, mixed-income housing, creative office, bowling alley, and micro-brewery. 

Role: Conduct a preliminary site design and financial (pro forma) analysis, zoning analysis and changes, manage public offering and developer marketing.

Streetscape Design + Placemaking

East Sherman Master Plan
Coeur d'Alene, ID | 2018

Project: East Sherman is the old highway route into downtown Coeur d'Alene. The street has lots of aging auto-oriented buildings, budget motels and vacant lots.  But the neighborhoods around it are increasingly desirable and residents want to see East Sherman transformed into a "main street."  The Master Plan includes streetscape designs, financing strategies and zoning changes to support this investment. 

Role: Cascadia Partners conducted a large public workshop to "crowd-source" design ideas from the real experts - residents and business owners - using a hands-on "streetscape design game."  These designs were bold and creative.  We analyzed the results and designed a range of alternatives to help the community understand trade-offs and select a preferred design.

  • Streetscape Design "Game"

  • Conceptual design

  • Alternatives analysis / trade-offs

  • Financing strategies (TIF analysis)

  • Visualizations (2D and 3D)

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Code Audit + TIF Analysis

Gunnison, CO | 2017-2018

Project:  Downtown Gunnison is experience a resurgence, but the zoning and streetscape design need enhancements to fully realize the vision for a walkable, thriving downtown district.  

Role: Cascadia Partners performed a detailed zoning code audit for several zones in and around downtown, and provided recommended changes to height, use, setbacks and parking that will make the code more market-feasible and help the community realize their vision for downtown.  Cascadia Partners also performed an analysis of the revenue potential from a potential Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district in downtown, with and without the proposed zoning changes.  

  • Zoning code “audit”

  • Redevelopment analysis

  • Special assessment district feasibility assessment (TIF, LID, etc.)

Development Offering

Canby Development Offering
Canby, OR | 2017-2018

Project: The City of Canby Oregon desired a catalytic new development in the downtown area, and had two existing structures and a key vacant development site to leverage into a public-private partnership. 

Role: Partner John Southgate led a development offering process for the City-owned sites, resulting in the selection of a developer team that will rehab the two vintage structures and build a new mixed-use building, The Dahlia.  The project will be downtown Canby’s first mixed-use building, and will include 69 apartments and four ground-floor retail spaces. The project is currently under construction.

Vision + Strategic Plan

Crested Butte South, CO | 2018

Project: The Commercial Area of Crested Butte South is located deep inside the large, master-planned community - not a traditional retail location.  The community vision is for a thriving, walkable, mixed-use center of the community.  The challenge is how to craft a plan map and code that enables the development of residential-only buildings today that are designed as "main street" buildings and can be adapted to accommodate commercial uses as they become more viable in the future.  This requires establishing clear "active frontage" design requirements and retooling zoning to regulate building form rather than use. 

Role: Cascadia Partners developed a Strategic Plan and Urban Form map, and recommended zone changes, that will guide the future development of the mixed-use core area.